eMarketing Egypt is providing the marketers and online business decision makers with a diversified set of reports and special updates covering all aspects related to online marketing; and this will be preliminary including:

-    Online Consumer Behavior;
-    Social Media Analysis;
-    Online Media Industry (key Trends, Key Players …etc.);
-    Specific Sectors Reports (e-tailing, e-tourism, e-publishing… etc.).

The Latest Report:


This is the only insightfull report about e-marketing in Egypt. The report provides full fledge insights covering main five sections:

  1. Users' Profile: this section provides detailed profiling of intenet users in Egypt. It relies mainly on Facebook data considering the fact of being the largest online platform in Egypt and use by more than 50% of the internet users in Egypt.
  2. General Usage Insights: this section provides insights on the general internet usage and specifically for Facebook usage. The finding of this section ranges  from the views, purpose and usage patterns of the internet and facebook, But it also will give specific insights of users' interaction with Facebook pages.
  3. Interaction to online Ads: this section provides - for the first time in Egypt - specific insights on the users' attitudes towards online Ads, and what (channels / sectors) gains their trust and drives their actions.
  4. Totally Trusted Mapping: this section will provide an advanced analysis for each channel / sector mentioned among the totally trusted online Ads
  5. Slected Segments' Profile: this section will provide an advanced analysis for selected userrs segments in terms of demographic segmentation (e.g. male users younger than 18 years) and also in terms of  behavioral segmentation (e.g. users who mst frequenty access via smartphones).