Facebook In Egypt … E-Marketing Insights, 2010 Edition


eMarketing EgyptReportsFacebook In Egypt … E-Marketing Insights, 2010 Edition

Facebook In Egypt … E-Marketing Insights, 2010 Edition

With almost 3.8 Million Egyptian Users representing about 5% of Egypt’s Population, Facebook becomes a fact of life day after day and a must to deploy channel for all marketers. Utilizing this channel as a marketing tool requires understanding the crowded environment of users who are

  •  Fans Of Unlimited Pages
  •  Members of Unlimited Groups.
  •  In Different Life Stages
  •  Exposed to over dose of advertisement in every single minute.

To reach your desired people among such a crowded clutter; you don’t need to know onlytheir demographics, but what you need is to know how to speak to them according to

  •  What they like and love in life;
  •  What movies they watch,
  •  What books they read,
  •  Where they work,
  •  What they search for,
  •  Who are their icons and roles of models,
  •  …etc.

eMarketing Egypt has defined all sets of variables and based on them has made classification of Egyptian Facebook users and defined key segments as a niche markets that can be reached in intelligent, targeted, quick and effective way that will have a high advertising relevance and engagement.

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