The 7th Annual Report: Digital Marketing Insights, 2016


eMarketing EgyptReportsThe 7th Annual Report: Digital Marketing Insights, 2016

The 7th Annual Report: Digital Marketing Insights, 2016

eMarketing Egypt released the 7thannual edition of the report “Digital Marketing Insights in Egypt; 2016“; this annual research comes in line with the overwhelming need to study the Egyptian users’ online behaviors and attitudes towards the internet, social media and specifically towards the online Ads.
This report is the only insightful report about e-marketing in Egypt. The report provides full fledge insights coming to you in five sections:

  1. Digital Trends: this is some sort of a reference section which sets the grounds of what can be called “Digital Opportunity” in terms of two main indicators:
    1. Internet Users.
    2. Facebook users.
  2. Users Profile: this section provides detailed profiling of internet users in Egypt. It relies mainly on Facebook data considering the fact of being the largest online platform in Egypt and use by more than 50% of the internet users in Egypt.
  3. Usage Insights: this section provides insights on the internet users’ behaviors and attitudes. The finding of this section ranges from the views, purpose and usage patterns of the internet and Facebook, and it also will give specific insights of users’ interaction with Facebook pages.
  4. Interaction to online Ads; The General View: this section provides specific insights on the users’ attitudes towards online Ads, and what (channels / sectors) gains their trust and drives their action.
  5. Interaction to online Ads; Selected Focus: upon the findings from the previous section; a brief map of Totally Trusted among Online Ads will be drawn and the selected sectors / channels will be analyzed in details.

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