Practical E-marketing Diploma GCC


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Practical E-marketing Diploma GCC



The course is designed for those who want to understand the best techniques and tools of implementing digital marketing campaigns for your business. Our E-marketing diploma is designed by eMarketing Egypt consultants and industry experts, who managed 500+ campaigns worldwide using case studies and practical techniques to help you and your team to develop your company’s digital marketing capabilities, increase your sales and revenues, beat your competitors and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Course Objectives:

  • To discover the secrets of e-marketing.
  • To boost sales leads through using digital marketing channels.
  • To build awareness for your targeted customers.
  • To learn the most effective digital marketing tools that delivers the best results.
  • To get the best use of social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…etc.?
  • To optimize your Google AdWords account.
  • To create an integrated digital marketing plan in a specific period of time.
  • To increase your business revenues locally and regionally.
  • To achieve your digital marketing objectives with a lower budget and higher ROI.
  • To apply traditional marketing theories online.

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