YouTube Rolling Out New Features & New Look


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YouTube Rolling Out New Features & New Look

Recently the YouTube announced via its official blog that they’re rolling out new features, changes, and updates focusing on the understanding of time spent on YouTube, that enable users to manage their time spent online.

  • How much actually watch: That feature is a profile that tells the YouTube users how long they have watched YouTube videos today, yesterday & over the past 7 days.
  • A break Reminder: This feature allows the Youtubers to control their spent time on the YouTube by enabling them to set up a reminder to take a break from having fun via watching YouTube videos.
  • One notification a day: This feature allows the Youtubers to control receiving notifications from the YouTube, now the users can combine all of their received notifications from YouTube into a single notification per day, besides set a specific time to receive these notifications.
  • Disable notification sounds and vibrations: In order to avoid causing any disturbance for the YouTubers during they fall asleep, the app now also provides the ability to enable sounds and vibrations or customize start and end time in the user’s settings to send all notifications without sound and vibration. 

YouTube New Feature: Disable Notification Sounds and Vibrations