Snapchatters Now Can Post Musical GIFs


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Snapchatters Now Can Post Musical GIFs

In order to make all Snapchatters around the world felling enjoyable, exciting and funny during using the Snapchat platform, a new additional option was added recently to Snapchat features and services via a new partnership TuneMoji “a musical GIF chat app”, which plays a snippet of a chosen song along with the moving image.

According to this partnership between Snap Inc. and TuneMoji, Snapchatters now have the ability to post musical GIFs to a chat or to their own Story.

To access the Snapchat’ new option users have to download and install on their phones both TuneMoji and Snapchat apps, then they need to search within TuneMoji, then share their selected musical GIF to Snapchat. But the users can’t send musical GIFs from inside the Snapchat app, they need to close the app and sign in TuneMoji and send their selected Gifs via it.