Why Egypt Is an Ideal Destination for Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services?


eMarketing EgyptBlogWhy Egypt Is an Ideal Destination for Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services?

Why Egypt Is an Ideal Destination for Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services?

Nowadays, many offshore Egyptian marketing companies cater to the different requirements of countries around the whole world. Moreover, many eye-opening statistics will make you believe that Egypt is a country that you should consider for outsourcing your next digital marketing project.

With the increasing globalization, outsourcing has emerged as a trend having a lot of potentials. It has become popular because of cost-saving and high returns, offering a skilled workforce and on-time delivery.

Speaking of Egypt, it was necessary to consult a marketing expert to emphasize the importance of Egypt as one of the ideal destinations when outsourcing digital marketing services.
The Digital Marketing Community took the lead in speaking with Ahmed Nagy, the managing director of eMarketing Egypt, the leading digital consulting agency in the Middle East which provides digital marketing outsourcing services and integrating e-marketing services for over 11 years in 16 countries across the globe.

“Egypt has evolved as one of the most-sought-after offshore outsourcing destinations. The Egyptian market has the largest pool of talented people and it is what drives the business to the country for so many reasons.
eMarketing Egypt has served hundred on businesses and has operated thousands of campaigns in 16+ countries, and we can say that Egypt has been known for its competitive costs compared to many outsourcing destinations, given that costs are way more attractive now due to the currency devaluation in late 2016.” said Nagy.

Based on these words, let’s delve deeper into the key reasons for choosing Egypt as the premier digital marketing outsourcing destination of the world…

  • A Big Skilled Team is Surpassing Than an Individual

Outsourcing your marketing to an expert agency means that a big creative team works together on promoting what you offer. Each individual brings their experience and skills to the table. And because of their experience in serving many companies, they have a solid experience that enables them to achieve the best results

  • Pay Only for What Is Needed

What everybody looks for is the cost, money matters. Not to mention the competitive prices provided by the Egyptian companies, with outsourcing, you pay only for what you need. You pay for a specific service, and you get this specific service.

The managing director of eMarketing Egypt, Ahmed Nagy said that “eMarketing Egypt enables their clients to achieve an awe-inspiring ROI whatever the budget they are able to set. What’s more, it’s easy to scale up or down the budget depending on results and seasonal demand for what they offer”.

  • Availability of Professional Talents with Language Proficiency

Reaching this point, we will let the numbers talk about it; Egypt has a population of 100 million, 50% of them are under the age of 25. The graduates are 700,000 besides 49% of the working population is in the services sector.

Nowadays, there are almost 150,000 employees who work in the outsourcing sector, of which 70,000 serve overseas markets of different business sectors.

Moreover, the language capabilities are high, English is the key business language and almost every graduate is fluent in, besides French which is very strong as well, finally followed by German.

  • Supporting Round the Clock

When using offshore outsourcing and hiring a company from a different part of the world, it offers an uninterrupted workflow. Through planning and quality communication, the client can benefit from the time zone difference between the outsourcing team and the in-house team, setting up their business to work 24*7.

  • Get Fresh Ideas and Insights from Other Businesses

Partnering with an outsourced agency provides insight and the opportunity for exchanging ideas. It also brings fresh perspectives and ideas without baggage such as a ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality. When you outsource marketing activities you are in the hands of people who’ve learned from working with a wide range of clients and each one had different marketing requirements.

The experiences of other businesses and industries offer much insight from which you remain largely blinkered when you take marketing on in-house.

Wrapping Up

Marketing is a non-core activity for many businesses; there is a mix of communication and technical disciplines that sit behind a well-integrated marketing function that makes it an area of considerable complexity. Thus, marketing is an ideal candidate for outsourcing.

The benefits of outsourcing combine to provide “Better results at a lower price” Large, medium, and also small businesses get the best value from marketing budgets through outsourcing.