Instagram Last Updates Considered the Biggest in Its History


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Instagram Last Updates Considered the Biggest in Its History

During the past few months, Instagram announced many features and updates on it’s app, which make it more valuable and more than just a photo-sharing app. Besides the Instagram announced on June 2018 that the platform’s global community reached now one billion users.

With launching its new features which considered to be the biggest in its history, that make the Instagram as one of the top Social Media apps for businesses especially in Fashion, Retail, e-commerce and more industries.

Here are some of the top Instagram updates in 2018 that you don’t want to miss:

IGTV – A New Video App

IGTV is a new app for watching long-form and vertical videos that are up to an hour long from your favorite Instagram creators.

Shopping Bag Icon on Stories:

Brands can now add a sticker with a shopping bag icon to their product image in their Instagram Stories, to enable customers to get more details about it.

Topic Channels on Explore: 

Topic Channels on Explore” is a new update which enables the Instagrammers to discover their interests in many ways on Instagram.

Users can see channels on topics that they might like such as Art, Sports, Beauty or Fashion – as well as a list of hashtags, giving their more ways to explore their interests.

New Camera Effects: 

Instagram launched a new effects are very similar to SnapChat’s camera effects, like new AR Camera Effects, which focus especially on the users’ needs and to make the app more enjoyable, funny, and excited.

Voice and Video Chat

Instagram is now rolling out Voice & video chat in their direct message, users can make video chat in Instagram Direct Messages, without any need for a phone number