Facebook Announced New Features to Ads and Pages


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Facebook Announced New Features to Ads and Pages

Facebook recently announced on its official blog rolling out some new features on its platform to strengthen transparency on Facebook as new tools and features to achieve the transparency to ads and pages on Facebook platform. Facebook sees that the new features on its ads and pages will increase accountability for advertisers, which helping to prevent abuse on Facebook.

The Facebook new features allow the users to get more information about any organization and their ads; also they can be given more additional information -which wasn’t available before- even if they don’t advertise.



How to access these new features on Facebook pages?

View Active Ads:

• Visit any Page and select “Info and Ads”.
• You’ll see the running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or any partner network.
• You can report anything suspicious by clicking on “Report Ad.”

More Page Information:

•You can learn more about Pages even if they don’t advertise.
•You can see any recent name changes and the date the Page was created.

Facebook also announced that it will launch its new political ads and archive in Brazil, ahead of October’s general election, so anyone running political ads in Brazil will be able to register next month.

According to Facebook political archive and ads, Brazilians will be able to see labels for election ads in their country.