DMI Egypt 2018

eMarketing EgyptDMI Egypt 2018

Digital Marketing Insights in Egypt; 2018

Business Practices & Benchmarks


eMarketing Egypt, one of the leading digital marketing consulting firms in Egypt, releases its 9th annual report about the digital marketing in Egypt. This year the report comes with a very concise findings about the businesses’ practices and benchmarks based on a survey of more than 425 marketing and digital marketing heads across companies operating in Egypt.

This is the only report in Egypt that uncovers the story about businesses use of digital marketing, through discovering five main questions:

  1. Do companies in Egypt benefit from the digital marketing in meeting their key marketing priorities?
  2. How do companies in Egypt organize their digital marketing operations (e.g. in-house vs. outsourcing)?
  3. How do companies in Egypt budget for their e-marketing activities (e.g. % of total marketing budget)?
  4. What are the most used channels and for what purposes (i.e. lead generation versus brand awareness)?
  5. How effective were the digital marketing channels for meeting the planned purposes?

Report outline

  • > Introduction
  • > Executive Summary
  • > Main Sections:
  1. Digital Marketing Strategic Role
    • Marketing priorities
    • Digital marketing help with marketing priorities
  2. Digital Marketing Organizational Profile
    • Digital marketing operations: in-house vs. Outsourcing
    • Digital marketing staff
  3. Digital Marketing Technical Profile
    • The most used channels
    • The pursued objectives
  4. Digital Marketing Investment Profile
    • Percentage of the total marketing budget
    • Online marketing campaigns: sponsored vs. organic
    • Online advertising campaigns: average monthly spend
  5. Digital Marketing Effectiveness
    • Digital marketing channels effectiveness for lead generation
    • Digital marketing channels effectiveness for brand awareness


  1. Sample Profile
  2. Selected Sectors Briefs: Digital Marketing Practices & Benchmarks.

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