The Complete Guide to Hiring the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Egypt


eMarketing EgyptBlogThe Complete Guide to Hiring the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Egypt

The Complete Guide to Hiring the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Egypt

The entire process of finding, choosing, and hiring the best social media marketing agency in Egypt can feel like an uphill battle. How do you know what exactly your business needs? Or which ones fit your budget, or will get you the results you’re looking for, or will work well with your team?

The worst thing you can do is choose the wrong social media marketing agency. It can cause you tons of unnecessary stress, and can easily swallow up your resources. You don’t want that, and neither do we.

That’s why we wrote this article!

At the end of this article, you’ll have a checklist that you can use to evaluate any social media marketing agency in Egypt vying for your business.

Let’s delve in!

Questions to Ask Yourself to Identify Your Social Media Marketing Requirements?

First of all, there are some questions to ask yourself before taking any steps in choosing the ideal social media marketing agency in Egypt to partner with for managing your social media accounts and running your next social media marketing campaigns.

These questions are summarized below:

  • What are your marketing strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your marketing goals?
  • Should your required agency be specialized for your industry, or specialized for the kind of marketing you need?
  • Do you need your social media marketing agency to work together with your sales team?
  • Do you need a one-time project, ongoing collaboration, or active marketing campaigns?
  • Will a potential social media marketing agency work well with the other agencies or internal marketing you have?
  • Where is the required agency located—and does it matter?

After identifying your situation and your requirements, it’s important to identify your marketing budget. Based on that you can choose the ideal social media marketing company that meets your budget. Your marketing budget is going to depend on your goals, your business structure, your revenue, your market space, and much more. The first step to building your budget is knowing which strategy you’ll use.

Let’s take a quick look at the different marketing budget strategies you can adapt to choose the ideal social media agency that fits your marketing budget.

5 Different Digital Marketing Budget Strategies: What Is Your Own Strategy?

1. Percentage of Revenue Strategy:

This is a common and easy-to-understand strategy, but may not fit more specific goals, and varies based on your other costs and how revenue translates to profit.

In general, large corporations spend 2-5% on marketing, and the smallest businesses devote around 20% to marketing, larger businesses devote 5-10% to marketing.

2. Everything You Can Afford Strategy:

It’s a risky strategy. Aimed at fast growth, you start with finding out how much you need to pay your bills and your employees paid. The rest goes to marketing to achieve explosive growth in revenue.

3. Competitive Parity Strategy:

Find out how much your competitors are spending on their marketing, and devote higher than them. This can be good for staying ahead of competitors, but it’s a risky strategy.

Perhaps your competitors are investing a ton in Facebook awareness messages, while you need to bring in leads. Briefly, this isn’t a bad strategy, but make sure you have all the information you need before employing it.

4. Desired Market Share Strategy:

Compared to the Competitive Parity strategy, this strategy asses the whole market rather than just one competitor.

To use adapt this strategy, you have to accurately know your cost of customer acquisition, your current market share, and what other businesses in your market are spending.

5. Objective/Task-oriented Strategy:

This strategy allows you to plan out the marketing tasks you plan for the coming year, then estimate the costs for each of those tasks. It’s a very straightforward approach. But be careful! The estimated cost can vary in accuracy.

After identifying your budget and answering all the above-mentioned questions, check the tips outlined below to help you find a good agency fit.

Tips to Find the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Egypt

Get to Know the Social Media Marketing Team:

You’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. When choosing a social media marketing company in Egypt, a great website or good social media profiles are a good indicator of whether you can trust them, but it’s not perfect. You should talk to them, ask for previous work samples, and get to know the agency you could potentially partner with.

Schedule an Informal Interview with the Potential Digital Marketing Agency:

While you’re looking for a social media marketing agency, think of each conversation as an informal interview. Just like you’d interview potential new hires, you want to interview your future agency to make sure that you can work together as a team perfectly.

Enjoy Your Conversations with Them “Digital Marketing Agency”:

Once you sign a contract with a marketing agency in Egypt, chances are you will be communicating with them at least once a month most often more! It’s important to enjoy the company you are communicating with to ensure future meetings will be enjoyable.

Set Your Goals Aline:

Make sure that your overall goal for hiring a marketing agency is stated and they will work to achieve that goal. For example, maybe your goal is to generate more leads for the next fiscal year. You want a  social media marketing agency that helps you achieve that goal, not one that works just to increase Facebook likes.

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