72% of the Internet Users in Egypt claimed: “We Can’t Live Without It!”


eMarketing EgyptBlog72% of the Internet Users in Egypt claimed: “We Can’t Live Without It!”

72% of the Internet Users in Egypt claimed: “We Can’t Live Without It!”

Cairo – 09; November; 2016
eMarketing Egypt released the 7th annual edition of the report “Digital Marketing Insights in Egypt; 2016“; this annual research comes in line with the overwhelming need to study to Egyptian users’ online behaviors and attitudes towards the internet, social media and specifically towards the online Ads.

“This report comes in a series of reports and studies that the company undertaken as a corner stone to build the realization of its mission: Utilizing the Digital Space in Egypt”, said Ossama El-Badawy the online Competitive Intelligence manager at eMarketing Egypt and the lead author of the report.

“The annual research gave a proof that internet had evolved in vitality to be essential to the extent it could be arguably represents a parallel life, especially with the internet users in Egypt represent more than half of the total population and 72% of them affirms that they can’t live without It”, added Ossama.

“The outcomes of this report and other intelligence outputs are always a key component of our successful online marketing campaigns”, said Ahmed Nagy, the managing director of eMarketing Egypt.
The report was launched in a major conference that was held at INTERCONTINENTAL CITYSTARS CAIRO on Wednesday the 9th of November 2016. The conference started with a brief presentation of the research findings, and then followed by several discussion upon those research findings.

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