Online Competitive Intelligence

eMarketing Egypt provides online business decision makers with decision support and intelligence solutions ... below is the OCI what & how in brief:
What ...

- Web Analytics:  for own website (Traffic Analytic, Engagement Analytics, Interaction Analytics, Freshness Analytics and others), the selection of metrics and interpretation will be always related to the industry/market dynamics
- Benchmarking: reviewing own website  analytics versus selected competitors websites analytics and online industry/sector norm
- E-Market Analysis:  in-depth analysis for sector related on-line trends, industry peers and leading organization online practices.
- Online Consumer Behavior: insights into online usage trends, online shopping trends, purchasing behavior etc.
- Online Media Industry: reviewing online media trends including online channels, advertising spending, advertising industries etc.

How ...

eMarketing Egypt relies on both primary (through own portals and panels or commissioned/outsourced research) and secondary (all available related publications and data). The core advantage here is the analysis and insights applied by the company relying on blending both e-marketing and competitive intelligence practical experiences.

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